Credit Bureau Services
                                          Employees / Training       
  Our trained collection & recovery staff with over "100 years " of  collective experience is trained, certified and tested a minimum of twice a year they are skilled in areas such as existing State and Federal regulations, Bankruptcy, legal process (filingsuits,obtaining, judgement,garnishments etc),financial counseling ,credit reporting,commercial insurance, Medicare,Medicaid,Workers Comp,and skip tracing. All Collection staff members are thoroughly trained to comply with all HIPAA Regulations.These are not simply telephone solicitors but skilled professional collection/recovery specialists.
Credit Bureau services maintains the highest standards of technology available to the collection industry today. We utilize the most advanced computer hardware, networking and tracking software systems  provided by one of the premier leaders in collection software nationwide, Columbia Ultimate Business Systems.  We also use two of the most productive tools available to aid in the recovery of your money, digital electronic skip tracing equipment and automatic preductive dialers which increase personal contact as much as 5 times the normal rate.
                                            Reports / Statistics
Credit Bureau Services can provide a wide array of customer reports to enable you to monitor and track your account statistics.We provide the information you need,when you need it.